I’m Ren, a wife and stay at home mum of two boys: J, aged 4 and R, almost 2. Before nappies, mess and tickles I was a singer in a blues band, a cabaret performer, a waitress, a student and a high school art teacher.
More recently, I’ve become quite passionate about health and wellness. As a chain smoking 20 something, good health was never really a huge priority in my life but when I decided I’d like to grow a baby or two and stick around long enough to see them enjoy a richly nourished life, my focus shifted.
This continued when J was born as he was a very unsettled little bub, suffering badly from reflux and it took us three years of puzzling his problems (rashes, sleep disturbances, reflux) before we realised how sensitive he is to artificial additives in food.
My husband C has suffered life long chronic migraines and I have struggled with excess weight, depression, iron issues and sinus allergies for longer than I can remember.
So we started with food. We cut out heavily processed, packaged “foods,” refined sugars and carbohydrates, we planted a garden and began eating predominantly whole foods: loads of fresh fruit and veggies, ethically raised, good quality meats, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and smaller amounts of quality whole grains. And what a difference it makes! J was able to come off his reflux medication, C’s migraines have lessened in frequency and intensity, my sinus issues have improved immensely and we are now painfully aware if any artificial nasties have crept into the kids’ diet. That’s when the rashes come back and the tantrums turn up.
We’re so far from having “arrived” anywhere really and stumble and trip all the time but we all know the good stuff of life is embedded in the journey!
So all of these things have brought me here, to this blog. I love music, art, good food, education, my garden and happy children. I want to do better, I want wellness, balance, joy and contentment for myself, for my family and for you if you’re keen. Colourful days to come 🙂



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