A Whole-foods Fridge

So I’m always bangin’ on about whole foods this and organic that… Would you like to take a tour through our fridge and see first hand what we eat?
It’s a bit revealing, like hitching up my skirt… Enjoy the show peeping foodies πŸ˜‰

When it comes to fuelling our bodies and our little growing machines called children – with their hollow legs and bottomless stomachs, we strive to buy, grow and make the best we can afford, with the time and energy we can find.
I define “best” as whole, real foods, minimally processed, without artificial additives, free of highly refined sugars and preferably gluten free. For more on this, see here.
Some days are better than others, we are often far from perfect (if there is such a thing!) But always, we are trying, learning, stumbling and trying again…

So lets move in for a close up:

On the far left is a jar containing a chocolate chia pudding (yum!) see my Facebook page for the recent recipe inspired by janella Purcell

Next to that is cherry tomatoes – yes from woolworths. I really begrudge buying them when my garden will soon be brimming with them, but let’s face it – some vegetables are just far more appealing to kids than others and frankly I’d rather Little R2 shoved fistfuls of these in his mouth than some sugar laden, junk filled processed snack.
Eggs from fat happy chooks owned by lovely friends, who scratch around in the garden all day. The chooks that is! Hands down BEST EGGS EVER.
Colby Cheese. I don’t eat a lot of dairy myself as I find it causes sinus congestion but the kids and the huzbuz love it. When it comes to cheese like this, always buy it by the block and not those pre- grated packets. They are full of numbers and preservatives! My kids don’t want to eat numbers, they just want cheese!
Also pictured is a breakfast smoothie for the kids. They’re mad about this stuff and its a great way to ensure they start the day with as much nourishment as possible. Also a great place to sneak some probiotics in πŸ˜‰
Some macro Dijon mustard from Woolworth’s and olives in olive oil, brine and sunflower oil. They are delicious but I’m a bit dubious about the sunflower oil so I drain them on some paper towel first.
And milk, organic, full fat for nourishing developing little brains.
Behind that, some strawberries, macro strawberry jam and god only knows what’s right up the back!
Organic chicken tenderloins, fresh medjool dates (a perfect substitute for refined sugar) and lots of zucchini from my local fruit and veg shop.
Cabbage leaves from our garden, kale, baby spinach and hidden in the shopping bag, Little R2’s addiction -Gippsland Organic yoghurts. As far as children’s yoghurts go these are definitely the pick of the bunch with more fruit, less sugar and nothing artificial added. But seriously, I have to hide them and ration them out or he’d happily eat ten a day!
Some beautiful local, grass fed, ethically raised meat from Braelands Beef, some preservative free, ethically raised ham and bacon from Istra small goods and a big bunch of leeks from our garden.
Loads of veggies from all over: farmers market, local fruit shop, our garden and woollies.

Westgold butter from grass fed New Zealand cows. This is the most affordable, best quality butter available locally. See here as to why we choose butter over margarine.
Some delicious goats chΓ¨vre from Meredith Dairy and some Hoppers all natural food colourings. Perfect for additive free children’s parties.
Some delicious cultured vegetables for repairing gut health from kitsa’s kitchen , natural probiotics from Changing Habits (ideal for sprinkling over salads and more natural probiotics called Detox, available from Nourished Life which has a lovely lemon flavour making it perfect for adding to smoothies.
Cod liver oil which I’ve only recently begun taking. As well as the many benefits of fish oil, it is the best natural source of vitamin D besides the sun!
Macro salad dressing, homemade salad dressing, colloidal minerals from Changing Habits, homemade fruit jelly in reusable squeezie pouches from “Sinchies.” Some beetroot chutney and organic mayo.
Bottles of chilled water, spare milk, aluminium free baking powder and a bottle of chai spice liquid concentrate from my local farmers market. Delicious!
So there you have it. That’s what’s hiding behind door number 1! Door number 2, the pantry… Shall be dealt with another time!
And that concludes our tour lovely people, thanks for stopping by, hope you read or saw something inspiring, or at least interesting πŸ™‚

This post is part of a “blog hop” hosted by Sonia from Natural New Age Mum. To see a whole range of healthy fridges check out the original post!

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5 thoughts on “A Whole-foods Fridge

    • Thanks for stopping by Joanne! Yes, every nook and cranny filled in my fridge πŸ™‚ Sometimes I open it and play a mental game of tetris as to where I’m going to fit something else in! I’m not really a minimalist πŸ˜‰

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