Easy Cheesy Pizza (with 2ingredient yoghurt dough)

Cooking with kids is one of the greatest ways to get them to eat their meals. I’ve been somewhat surprised to discover that it’s actually really enjoyable too! The process can be a bit slow and a little messy but they love it and it’s a nice way to engage with them on a rainy day.
More than that though, as a woman who cooks every meal, every night, I feel really good about equipping them with a basic life skill so that one day their future wives might get a night or two off in the kitchen! Hey, maybe they’ll even be cooking for me soon… One can only hope 🙂

2 Ingredient Yoghurt Dough
This dough is so versatile and easy to make. I have a Bellini (Target’s version of a thermomix) and you can make it in there in a flash but to be honest, it’s so easy, I still use a bowl and my hands.
Plus, I’m a fairly tactile person. I used to teach high school art and ceramics and I like working the dough with my hands so I can feel if it’s the right consistency.

note: This makes 2 medium/large pizzas. (You can halve the recipe if you like)

2 cups Greek Yoghurt
3 cups plain flour (pretty much any flour will work, – spelt, gluten free etc…)

Preheat oven to 200C (390F)
In a large bowl, add first two cups of flour to the yoghurt and roughly combine.
Gradually add the third cup of flour until you reach a workable consistency that’s no longer sticky.
Divide dough into two (or four)
Roll out on a floured surface.

You can add whatever you like.
We kept things pretty simple – basically a margarita with bacon:
Tomato Passata
Dried Italian herbs like oregano and basil.
Crushed garlic
Spring onions
Free range, organic bacon
Mozzarella cheese

*Cook on a pizza tray or lined baking tray for approximately 30 minutes or until cheese melted and edges browned and crispy.
*Cut in half and check that the dough is golden and cooked in the centre. If not, give it another 5-10 minutes.

My whole family loves this dough (making it and eating it!)


It’s great for making things like cheese and ham scrolls as well.

Note: I use self raising flour for scrolls, halve the recipe and bake at 180C. (350F)

Warm from the oven…

Perfect for lunch boxes!

Enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Easy Cheesy Pizza (with 2ingredient yoghurt dough)

  1. Love this dough recipe too! Perfect for little cooks and the lack of fuss with it means it’s not at all stressful to make with kids. My philosophy when cooking with small helpers is to have to expectations about appearance or end result really – choose things that aren’t complicated and that don’t matter if they look a little scruffy. Anything requiring decoration or topping is good to let them get creative. We have flowers made of pineapple with ham leaves and cheese stems, we’ve done dinosaur pizza with chunky pieces of mushrooms and olives and of course snow pizza with lots of cheese.

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