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I was just having a read of Barbara’s blog over at the new good life and she was talking about de-cluttering and the never ending battle against kids toys taking over our living areas.
Thought I’d post a few pics of some of my storage solutions.
That unit pictured with the shelving and wire drawers is brilliant for toys. I originally purchased it for the laundry but found the drawers weren’t big enough to be very practical for sorting our mountains of washing. For toys however, it’s ideal. It tucks away neatly in a corner. I can categorise types of toys in each drawer eg: cars in one, musical instruments in another, action figures in a third, puzzles in the fourth. And because the baskets are wire and the shelves open, the kids can easily see what they’re looking for without tearing 5 million toys apart as they do when they are all in a toy box.
Lego is a whole new world for us since my son’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago so at the moment we are working from an upturned kids’ play table. It keeps it contained and I can easily move it from the floor to the dining room table depending on where the kids are playing but long term I’m working on a better solution. Stay tuned!
And of course, every little boy needs a weapons chest yes?? Sigh… I quickly came to the realisation that boys will turn anything they can get their hands on into a gun or a sword so I’d rather it be something made of plastic than – my curtain rods for example. Or my now ruined rolls of wrapping paper. Or their father’s guitar, an attachment for the pram, a hobby horse, a broom… You get the idea.

The formula tins pictured contain sorted small toys like army men, smurfs, animals, marbles and other bits and pieces. The empty baby wipes box holds about 50,000 matchbox cars. The shelf of books is the spillover from another matching bookcase full of children’s books.
I’d like to say this is where their toys begin and end but there is still a big plastic bucket tucked under the coffee table and 3 tubs of craft supplies in a cupboard. Plus other things like board games hiding away in any nook and cranny I can find!
How do you store your kids toys? Are you winning the war?
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4 thoughts on “Toy Storage

  1. Well you know my story about wining the war or not, but I will say I am yet to find a workable storage system. I’m hoping my next brilliant idea is the last, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. The wire baskets look terrific.
    We currently have just one toy box in the family room with about a third of their toys – all the others are stored away to be rotated at the start of each month. Mr Good made the boxes and they’re beautiful, and now that there aren’t so many things in it they can get to whatever they like and everything can be tossed back in there at the end of a play session. For things with lots of bits like toy food, pretend kitchen items, puzzles, blocks or the wooden dolls with magnetic clothes (an absolute favourite with Miss Three) I made drawstring bags. The fabric is different so they know what’s in each one, they’re easy to open, put things back into them and close before tossing into the toy box. The duplo and lego (my two are crazy about it too) are in two big tubs which has worked really well. It’s the craft supplies that is the most difficult to get right at my place.

    • I love the drawstring bags idea! Actually we also have a large chest full of dress ups with masks and accessories so that sort of system would work well in there. – as opposed to the chuck it all in and hope it’s not ruined that’s currently going on 😉

      • Oh there’s another one we’ve struggled with. The dress ups used to be in a big box which took up heaps of room, got filled with all sorts of crap (as in, “lost your shoe? Look in the dress up box!). Now I have an old over night bag with the clothes, a box with the wings, hats and shoes and a basket with the accessories (bags and hats). It’s working much better and it all fits in the bottom of their wardrobe.

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