Summer In The Garden

Summer… Days and nights on end of intense heat, strong winds and not a drop of rain in sight. Last weekend, terrifying bush fires raged close by and much of the landscape driving into town has been completely blackened. Fortunately no lives were lost but properties and homes were destroyed and many local animals suffered and are now displaced.
It was the closest I’ve ever come to the threat of bush fires and despite being in quite a built up neighbourhood, we are surrounded by a lot of grass lands and paddocks and bone dry rolling hills. It certainly made me rethink the need for a fire plan and we packed our things and headed to my parents place, nearby but out of the apparent danger zone. Better to be safe than sorry! The sky has been thick with smoke all week which is a heavy reminder of what has happened nearby and of the fires still continuing to burn.
Despite the harsh weather conditions, my garden has held up quite well but it has required a fair amount of watering. The cherry tomatoes got a little battered by the winds but are still producing plenty of fruit so that’s good.
Cucumbers and zucchinis are coming by the dozen – at least 3 a day of each! We’ll be turning green soon! We have been giving a lot to friends, family and neighbours but still have bucket loads.
Beans and leafy greens are flourishing and I dug up the first of a few good potatoes last night.

Lots of good things still to come though…
Sweet corn almost ready for harvest.

Butternut squash going bezerk.

Spaghetti squash -and lots of them! I’ve never eaten them or even seen them as they are not so common here in Oz but can’t wait to taste! How do I know they are ready to pick? Do I wait for the autumn frosts and the vines to wither as with the butternut squash?

Capsicums and chillies aplenty.

And nothing quite so joyful as a garden full of sunflowers…

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