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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. For various reasons. Tonight however, I have seized a great opportunity to write. I find myself in the incredible position of being home alone for the first time in almost FIVE YEARS!!! My boys, 2 and 4.5 are having a sleepover at my mum’s and the hubby is out with some mates. I often spend nights up alone while the rest of the house is sleeping but that’s not the same as an empty house where there is no chance of any little footsteps creeping down the hall and wandering into our bed. Oh! Bed… Alone! No snoring husband, no restless four year old beside me and no 2 year old in the next room calling out for mummy at various intervals through the night. Imagine… Sleeping uninterrupted all night and waking at whatever time I like in the morning. Pure JOY!!!!!!
Anyway, I could paint my toenails, shave my legs and have a shower – with the door closed! But so far I’ve just spent some time in the garden and poured myself a wine.
My garden is flourishing at the moment despite a slow start this season due to three things.
1. Snails
2. A serious lack of sun and warmth
3. This guy…



We thought he was so cute the first time we discovered him in our back yard. (my veggies are out the front) We found out that he belongs to our neighbours over the back fence and is apparently a “free range bunny,” that is, no cage/hutch.
This sounds all very lovely until he began escaping every day and eating my entire patch of seedlings. Well, whatever the snails hadn’t already demolished.
Lots of rain meant lots of snails and, the horror, black spot fungus! Between this and the rabbit, my garden was really struggling. I had to replant all of my cucumbers, all of my yellow button squash seedlings were eaten the minute they sprouted and my tomatoes were covered in blackspot. I was tempted just to pull them out and start again but decided to just cut them right back to almost nothing which turned out to be a great idea. They’re doing beautifully now that we’re finally getting some sun.
The snails I discussed with my local nursery lady and she suggested some pellets which are approved by the USDA for organic gardening. Apparently they are just iron based with nothing harmful going into the soil. These made a HUGE difference and finally my seedlings started to grow.
The rabbit also disappeared. No one seems to know how, where or why. Poor bunny, but glad my garden’s safe!
So anyway, here’s what’s happening…

Lots of cherry tomatoes beginning to ripen. These pots have only just survived very strong winds as we live on the top of a hill. I’ve now anchored them to the blinds.

Capsicums, growing slowly but surely. Tomatoes beginning to flower. Sunflowers, marigolds and zucchinis.

Zucchinis growing before my eyes, have already picked about six beauties 🙂

Some sweet little stepping stones from Aldi.

Fuji apple tree going beautifully. Should probably think about netting this though.

Garden seat, potato patch and bed with sprouting carrots, spinach and silver beet.

Three fantastic cucumber plants, all bearing veggies though can’t remember which are continental and which are Lebanese. Pretty sure the ones pictured are continental. I didn’t have a lot of luck with cucumbers last year but this year they are much happier in a sunnier spot with marigolds at their feet.

Lots of chillies. Eggplant seedlings also in this bed but only recently planted. Watermelon seedlings planted not long ago in the next bed too. Had to wait for room until all of the garlic and onions were harvested and the bed turned over.

Garlic harvest.

Yellow butter beans. Two out of four plants doing well.

Green beans, although I’m a bit disappointed. I obviously didn’t buy climbing beans so not likely to curl themselves around the corn stalks as I had imagined. Oh well, any beans are still beans!

Gorgeous corn, spaghetti squash and butternut squash.

My lovely new garden arch, a christmas gift from my three sisters to mark the entrance of my “three sisters” garden bed! What should I plant to climb it? Something beautiful and colourful but not too heavily scented as it will send my hay fever nuts. Mum suggested happy wanderer. I like the sound of that 🙂

Little hedge trees growing quickly. Can’t believe how much our garden has changed in just a couple of years.

We put the front hedge in too. There was nothing but the weeping birch.
The herb garden beds below the front windows are still to come but a lack of time and money after Christmas have halted that temporarily.
Oh, lots of peas have sprouted all over the place from the pea straw too. Vey exciting ’cause hey, free peas! Are they the kind I shell or more like snow peas?
I love my garden, it is such a place of peace, change and joy. It’s hard not to feel inspired when you’re standing in there, surrounded by green goodness!
What’s happening in your garden?


3 thoughts on “Garden Tour

  1. Great photos and update! This is the first year we’ve put in a vegetable garden and it’s all going well. I hope to add a few more garden beds next year and change what I plant, where and with what. Love the new arch! All looking fab!

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