Making Over Mornings – one jar at a time.

I’ve written before how terrible I am at functioning in the mornings. My little ones however, suffer no such struggles and demand instant full bellies upon waking.
So as well as a recent commitment to earlier nights, I’ve been revolutionising our breakfast, one jar at a time, with smoothies and breakfast parfaits, but why stop there?

I give you, scrambled eggs… In a jar.

Now, I realise this is not rocket science. There is nothing complicated about scrambling eggs, but as a “non morning” person, when I’m half asleep, eggs just feel like mess and mucking around. So I took those two very things out…
Now honestly, you could do this with your eyes shut!


Here’s How

Before you go to bed at night, crack some beautiful, organic, pastured eggs into a jar.
Add a splash of milk. (or not, if milk is not your thing)
Add a couple of cracks of Pink Himalayan or celtic sea salt and black pepper.
Put the lid on the jar and place in the fridge.
Put a fry pan on the stove and your butter dish (or coconut/olive oil) beside it.
Place 3 bowls and 3 forks on the table.
Go to bed and sleep soundly in the knowledge that your morning will be easy 🙂

In the morning:

Heat pan, melt butter or oil, shake eggs in jar until well combined.
Pour eggs into hot pan. Push them around only a little.
When they begin to scramble, reduce heat to low.
When set, scoop into bowls and feed your hungry monkeys!

Note: You could always dice up some capsicum, spring onions, mushrooms, bacon etc… as well to add to the scramble, but I’d put this in a separate jar and fry it off a little on its own before adding the egg.

Enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Making Over Mornings – one jar at a time.

  1. Another great idea Ren, pity Miss Four is not into scrambled eggs, she has to have hers boiled. Which I guess is even easier really, but I like scrambled and doing eggs two ways is just a pain in the butt. I might try it anyway, I do like to offer a cooked breakfast every now and then.

    I do have a jar of pre-made pancake mix (just the dry ingredient), which I find takes the pressure off weekend breakfasts – just need to crack an egg into the mix plus add a cup of milk and it’s ready to go. No fluffy around with measuring flour etc.

    • The irony barb, is that we can only have scrambled eggs! J4 says he likes boiled eggs but won’t eat the yolk if he can see it so what’s the point?
      Must do a pancake mix myself. Maybe then C might be encouraged to make me breakfast! yeah right! i used to do a ready mix of dry ingredients for a basic choc cake to have on hand but I stopped doing that cos frankly I’ll just keep eating cake!

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