Crispy Chicken “Strips and Chips”


If I’m honest, I’m very lucky to have two good little eaters that will try pretty much anything. Little R2 has never liked bread but considering the typical “bread with a spread” is not the most nutritious food anyway, that doesn’t really worry me. But I really do feel for those with fussy eaters. Little R2 went off his food for about two weeks which I later put down to an ear infection but during that time I thought I’d go insane! Even my fool proof meals like scrambled eggs or sausages were rejected and I was struggling for ideas big time. He lived on smoothies, yoghurt and fruit during that time for pretty much breakfast, lunch and dinner. (You can bet I was hiding all sorts of things in those smoothies!!)
Thank goodness his appetite returned and now I have the opposite problem, keeping them fed!! They are seriously eating me out of house and home! Lord knows what they’ll be like when they’re teenagers!!
So in saying this, mums with fussy little ones – you have my total sympathy and I applaud you for continuing to try!
Here is a recipe that my kids (and C and I!) adore and I’m sure it will have your little ones wolfing it down and licking their lips. Actually, a good friend of mine with fuss pots put me onto this recipe originally – I’ve just tweaked it a little to make it a bit healthier.
Sometimes we have it for dinner on Chicken Tuesday, sometimes for Friday Favourites

Hope it’s a hit with your family!


*Serves 4 – 2 adults, 2 kids

You Will Need:
3 small sweet potatoes
6 small potatoes
500 g (1 pound) chicken tenderloins
2 cups crushed cornflakes*
4 tbsp organic whole egg mayonnaise

*I use organic cornflakes with low salt, sweetened with fruit juice and nothing artificial added. You will find these in the health food aisle in the supermarket.

Here’s How:

Preheat oven to 200dc (390 f)

Cut your potatoes into chip sized pieces and arrange on a lined baking tray.

Drizzle with olive or coconut oil and a crack or two of sea salt and pepper.

Place in the oven on the top tray and move onto your chicken. (These chips will take 45-50 mins)


Place cornflakes in a large bowl and roughly crush with clean hands.

In a second bowl, place chicken and coat thoroughly with mayo.

Dip your mayo covered pieces, one at a time into the cornflake crumb and arrange on another lined baking tray.

Place on the second shelf in your oven and cook for 30- 40 minutes. (Mine were perfect at 35 mins)

Serve with a simple colourful salad.


Enjoy 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Crispy Chicken “Strips and Chips”

  1. This one definitely looks worth a try for my increasingly fussy four year old. I’ve been playing the dinner roulette game with her for over two years (before that she was very easy to please, never knowing what she will eat and what will get passed over (much more of the latter than the former unfortunately). It’s one of the most frustrating, disheartening, maddening challenges I’ve encountered to date and for some who loves to cook and takes pride in what they serve up it has me at my whits end often. Thank god for two year old’s who eat three bowls of dinner with relish.

    • These really are delicious barb. The crumb gives it a sweetness and the mayo keeps them really juicy. All of us love these and they feel like a bit of a treat for some reason. Something to do with cutting the veggies into chips instead of squares and chunks maybe! Amazing how much more appealing the veggies become to kids when you serve them like that!

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