My little four year old has recently discovered commercial television in the mornings, and has abandoned the family friendly, quality viewing on ABC 4 KIDS, in favour of cartoons like “The Power rangers” and other typical, action packed boy shows. This in itself, is fine. What I’m really not enjoying though, is his exposure to the brainwashing of relentless advertisements.
Every morning, it’s “can you buy this mum? Can we get that? Can I have those?”
Argh!!! It’s bad enough when the “Toy Sale” catalogues arrive. He takes them to bed at night, pouring over every page and adding junk item after junk item to his wish list.
Now, I’m guilty of perusing the junk mail myself and making mental wish lists, but as an adult, I understand that in life, we can’t have everything we desire. (Thank goodness! Every cupboard in my house is bursting at the hinges as it is!)
But it’s harder for kids to accept that.
Especially when a magical fat man comes once a year and fills their sacks with desired goodies.
As a parent, it’s not always fun saying no, no, no. No we can’t go there, no you can’t have that, no you can’t eat that because its full of crap that will give you rashy cheeks and turn you into a lunatic…
So when he came to me this morning saying “Look mum! Cocoa pops! Just like a chocolate milkshake! Only crunchy! Can you buy them? Pleeeeease!!! I want those for breakfast!”
Today, instead of saying no, I said “yep, we can have cocoa pops, I’ll make you some.”

Cocoa Pops (without the crap)

Organic puffed rice – nothing added (I use the “Abundant earth” brand from the health food aisle in Coles supermarket )

Chocolate Milk

In a blender, combine:

1 litre (4 cups) almond milk (or milk of your choice)

1 Tbs cacao

1 Tbs maple or rice malt syrup

Pour desired amount over a bowl of puffed rice and reminisce your childhood.

Or at least feel like a good parent for reaching a happy healthy compromise 🙂

Note: While ridiculously better for your kids than store-bought cocoa pops, I still don’t think it’s an ideal choice for breakfast every day. It is free from refined sugars, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives which is awesome, but its still not very nutrient dense. Adding some protein like a sprinkle of chia seeds would be beneficial and topping with some sliced banana and or blueberries would be great for some extra fibre, vitamins and antioxidants!

The chocolate milk will keep in a jar for a couple of days or you could gently heat it on the stove and have hot chocolates for afternoon tea. Yum!


Enjoy 🙂

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  1. So what was the verdict – did these get gobbled down quick smart with a look of glee and smugness for getting one over Mum? Thankfully my two girls are more than happy with ABC 4 Kids (or ABC 4 Kids shows on iView) and we have a no junk mail sign on the letterbox so they are freakily free from advertising. In fact if they do happen to catch one they can’t work out what it’s supposed to be. Mind you, you should have seen the eyes light up when Miss Four caught sight of a Barbie ad on TV a few months ago!

    • They both loved them barb but then they’ve never had the original to compare. J4 was genuinely chuffed though at the idea of having something he’d seen advertised. Unfortunately C is part of the problem in this house because my man child likes to watch cartoons on ‘Go’ on weekend mornings with j4 which is how he discovered them. Plus all the other boys at kinder are obsessed with super Heroes so he loves linking the program to the merchandise he sees on t shirts etc…

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