Lets Get Planting! Part 2

After a lovely morning at the local farmers market and a trip to Aldi for a much coveted, little red trike…

The rest of the day and this glorious sunshine was dedicated to my garden. Tomorrow is back to rain again so I wanted to get as much in the ground as possible.
I was also extremely lucky to have my sister drop in for a visit and between chats and a garden tour, she happily entertained her little nephews, leaving me free to get my hands dirty without stop-starting for drinks, snacks, hats and squabbles.

I put some finishing touches on yesterday’s efforts; my three sisters garden. Sweet corn seeds in the centre, green beans and yellow butter bean seedlings in the next circle and in the area surrounding both, seeds for butternut pumpkin, spaghetti squash and small yellow button squash.
The idea is that the nitrogen rich beans will climb the corn stalks but as my seedlings (particularly the butter beans) are already advancing I thought I’d put some poles in for them to wrap themselves around just in case the corn is slow to start.


In the next empty bed I planted cucumber, both Lebanese and continental, a variety of green and red chillies and some more marigolds.


And I finished off by potting four advanced cherry tomato plants, each surrounded by basil at the base to help each other along.


Four may seem excessive but honestly, my kids devour cherry tomatoes like lollies. Especially as they can harvest them themselves. And the basil… I just can’t wait to make more pesto!

Feeling very satisfied with what I’ve achieved in a few days. Just the herb beds to go and my summer garden will be complete! For now that is, of course, a garden is always a work in progress!

Now, if I can just convince C to mow the lawn and tidy the edges… A happy woman I’ll be 🙂

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