Let’s get planting!

The easiest and cheapest way to access delicious organic vegetables is, in my opinion, to grow them yourself. And it’s definitely the most mentally rewarding! We are so fortunate to have the space to grow quite a lot but you’d be amazed at what you can achieve in pots. If you’ve never had a veggie garden and feel daunted by the whole process, (as I did initially) start small. Even one large pot with a cherry tomato plant in the centre and some basil seedlings around its base can reap such rewards for you and your family. And it’ll set you back about $8 or $9. Such good value!!!
We are prone to frosts well into Spring where I live, so when it comes to getting our summer vegetables in the ground, the general rule of thumb is to wait until Melbourne Cup weekend. (1st weekend of November)
Finally today I got my hands in the earth and some dirt under my fingernails!
One bed is finished and filled with tomatoes, capsicums, (red, green and yellow) zucchinis and marigolds. Last year I planted all of these in one small garden bed – in a not very sunny spot but still managed to harvest quite a lot. This year, everything is well spaced and will receive all day full sunshine so I’m looking forward to bumper crops!
I also prepared another large bed for a three sisters garden and will hopefully get my sweet corn, beans and pumpkin in tomorrow or over the weekend.
And of course some cucumbers, herbs, cherry tomatoes, maybe some carrots, oh yes and the cheerful sunflowers! Exciting times ahead 🙂

I’ve also been keeping a close eye on some cheeky snails in my garden. They’ve been munching at my little kale seedlings that I planted a couple of weeks ago – this did not make me very happy at all. They were the little darlings I grew from seeds in my miniature green houses.


I’ve sprayed those since with something called Neem. It’s organic, from a tree and apparently 100% safe to use for pest control in organic gardening without harming people, animals, birds or bees. Sounds good hey? I’ll let you know if it works or if anyone else knows more about it, feel free to comment!
I’m all for animal well being and even happy to share a little silver beet, but these pesky buggers are just getting too greedy. When I find them now, I throw them over the hedge onto the nature strip. But mark my words, if any of them dare eat my almost ripe strawberries before I get a chance… I will think nothing of throwing them onto the road and into oncoming traffic!



One thought on “Let’s get planting!

  1. Looking great Ren. I’ve got ten strawberry plants, four cherry tomatoes and a dozen or so beans to plant tomorrow with the girls. Everything else is a while off in the green house so I think I’ll purchase a few seedlings soon too.

    As for the snails, try crushing eggshells and sprinkling them around the base of the plants, snails apparently don’t like crawling over the shells. Also much be worth having a sacrificial plant ie one you don’t treat with anything that the snails can eat and then leave the others alone. I often do this and more than once the sacrificial plants have done well anyway. But in truth I’ve had at least one really, really bad season with snails and resorted to baits (the less toxic ones but still). I would have ended up with nothing left that year and every other gardener I spoke to around me had found the same thing and had had to resort to baits.

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