Red did not like Ren today. It did not like Ren at all.


I had the whole afternoon planned to the last minute.
Little R2 was having a nap. J4 was due at kindergarten at 2pm. After drop off, I’d head to Aldi and buy the little red trike on sale today for R2. My little one is becoming a big boy it seems, mastering the pedal and peeing in the toilet in the one week!
Ten minutes ’til 2, snacks were made, shoes were laced, hat on head and kinder bag packed. Ready!
But the universe had other plans…
The phone rang. It was C. No time for that, I’d call him back. I cancelled the call and gently opened little R2’s door to get him up.
But instead of finding my baby, I found “Dexter”… Or so it seemed.


My poor little man had had a nose bleed during his nap and was covered in blood. I got such a fright! I gathered him up and raced him into the kitchen to assess the damage and clean his dear little face. The phone rang again. It was C, again. I answered impatiently, “I’ve got 5 minutes to get out the door and get J4 to kinder! I’ll have to call you back!”
“Okay,” he said. “Call me back… I’m okay, but I’ve just had a really bad car accident.”
Sometimes as a mother, a wife, a woman, you have to just take hold of information, quickly filter what matters, put what can wait in a box in your head, and leave it to process later on.
The phone in one hand, the other hand mopping up R2’s bloody nose with a tissue, “I… I have to go. It’s 2 o’clock. I’ll call you back in a minute. In 5 minutes. But you’re ok?”
“Yeah, I’m okay,” he said.
“Okay, love you.”

It’s quite impressive, just how pear shaped one’s world can turn in mere minutes. Seconds even.


I did the kinder drop off. I spoke to C. He was okay, the car was not. I went to Aldi. The little red trike was not on sale today at all. We have to wait until Saturday.


The problem with Saturday, is that it doesn’t exist yet. And might not exist at all.
The future isn’t real. The only reality is right now. So breathe, look around and hold on tightly to the things that matter, right now. Be grateful, let go. Enjoy.



One thought on “Red did not like Ren today. It did not like Ren at all.

  1. Oh dear, red was certainly not your colour that day! If it makes you feel better I often get woken or wake up my girls with nose bleeds, especially as the weather warms up or I dress them too warmly for bed. It’s washing the bedding if it’s gotten everywhere that’s the difficult bit.
    Glad C is okay, pity about the car! And as for the trike at least the sale wasn’t last Saturday.

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