Sleepy Spring

The chill in the wind this morning is decidedly winterish but my garden tells a different story. Slowly, with sleepy stretching and yawning, leaves are unfurling and buds are beginning to wake and bloom.

Cheerful daffodils smile and nod to greet me at the front door,


The first of my beautiful tulips have shown their true colours,

The strawberry pots are flowering,

The weeping cherry is bursting into blossoms of joy

And the branches of the small magnolia tree are capped with gorgeous deep pink buds. We planted this tree outside J’s bedroom window when he was a baby, of course making it J’s magnolia.
The fruit trees are showing signs of promise as well with tiny buds on the Granny Smith and Fuji apples and a shower of pink blossoms on the nectarine (maybe this year the parrots will let us eat some).
The broccoli and cauliflower are all pulled and half the leeks have been devoured in soups, pasta sauces, omelettes and rice dishes.

The onions, garlic and cabbages are still in want of time and sun and the spinach is as generous as ever.

The empty veggie beds lay ready in wait for for seeds to nourish and sun to bask in.
And for me? It’s still winter. Spring has opened few buds of motivation just yet and while one child is at kinder and the other napping, I am presently snuggled under the warmth of a “bob the builder” blanket, a hot cup of tea in one hand and a good book in wait for the other.



One thought on “Sleepy Spring

  1. Lovely flowers Ren and the veggies look and sound delicious. I wish I had empty veggie beds waiting to be planted, my plans keep getting put back as we wait for earthworks in the backyard to finished. And with 20ml of rain predicted for Thursday when the bobcat was supposed to start work, it looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer. Think I’ll stick to the tea and good book, wish I could get a napping child during the day and the older one is so in need of kinder (starting next year) it’s not funny.

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