Man About The House

Goodbye winter! Don’t hurry back…
After essentially 92 days of indoor play, the boys and I were beginning to drive each other insane with cabin fever and wall to wall mess.

And then, during the last week of winter, two wonderful things happened…
Firstly, the weather improved. No more icy, dreary days! Definitely Spring on its way, peeking through the rain clouds. Secondly, C, who has been working 6 days a week for far too long, took the whole week off! I think its fair to say he thoroughly enjoyed his time at home – building, fixing, playing, relaxing…

The kids certainly loved having their daddy around and I was so grateful for someone else to help keep them amused. He finished building their cubby house and built a beautiful bar under our back verandah. – The perfect spot for lazy drinks on a balmy summer night… or a Spring afternoon!

It’s also the ideal quiet spot for me to have a cuppa while the kids create backyard chaos…



This man of mine also let me sleep in almost every day, vacuumed a couple of times, made dinner (well, bought fish ‘n’ chips) read to his eldest every night before bed, cut the branches off a wattle tree that split in the wind AND unblocked the toilet. (As well as some other manly stuff to do with his car and its rims or something…)
Now I’m no princess. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. Sure I’d rather go five star accommodation over camping but who in their right mind wouldn’t? In reality, I spent the best part of my twenties as a single woman and unless there was a willing housemate around to do my “dirty work,” it was pretty much up to me to handle life’s challenges. It was a decade full of character building and I am a much stronger person for it.
…And while I could still deal with the spiders in the bathroom if I had to, sometimes it’s just really nice to have a man about the house. Male or female, having someone to share life’s load with is truly a gift and last week was a great reminder of that.



One thought on “Man About The House

  1. God isn’t it great to send the kids out the door in the morning and leave them there playing happily til lunchtime. My house has been so much neater the last three or four days and another sunny one of the way tomorrow. Unfortunately then we look like we’ll have a few days of rain…. but then again I’m going away for the weekend with some girlfriends and no children so it won’t be me entertaining them inside for a few days.Love the bar and the cubby house, you’ve given me ideas….. look our Mr Good!

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