Real Fruit Jelly for Kids

I don’t know about your kids, but two things mine are absolutely obsessed with, are jelly and squeezie pouches. Seriously, little R is addicted to these Gippsland Organic yoghurts.

They are one of the few packaged snacks that I’m still a slave to. I’ve tried every decent brand of every family size yoghurt tub on the market and cannot for the life of me get my kids to eat any other variety. I haven’t tried making my own yoghurt as yet but I noticed Coles has yoghurt making kits on special this week so that’s next on my ‘to do list.’ There are lots of brands making these squeezie yoghurts now but I prefer these above all the others as they contain a lot more actual fruit and a lot less sugar, no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and of course, they are organic. They are not cheap though and I loathe the amount of wastage the packages create, which is why I invested in the reusable pouches pictured above. They are from an Australian company called Sinchies who produce these BPA free pouches in various sizes. The ones pictured are 80ml. They are fairly inexpensive, great for on the go and definitely a more environmentally friendly option than buying the throwaway kind – that is, if you can find something your kids will eat from them!
Enter – JELLY!
The problem with commercially made jellies and jelly crystals, is that they’re full of absolute junk. Even the new lines made from natural colours and flavours are still full of refined sugar. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this post from Alexx Stuart about her secret to healthy, yummy homemade jelly.
Finally something delicious yet nourishing to fill my Sinchies with that the kids go nuts for! Alexx posted some gorgeous recipes but I wanted to keep things pretty simple for my boys so here is what I did…

3 small red apples
3 small pears
1.5 tablespoons Great Lakes unflavoured gelatine This is produced from grass fed, happy cows and you can buy it from here Kitsa’s Kitchen It’s a premium quality gelatine so it’s not cheap but it is full of protein and so good for you. This is what takes the jelly from a sweet treat to a substantial snack.
(You can of course make a vegetarian/vegan version using agar agar.)

Juice the fruit to make two cups.
Heat one cup gently on the stove.
Remove from heat and quickly whisk in gelatine.
Add this to the remaining cup of juice, stir well and pour into pouches, cups, moulds etc…
Refrigerate until set.
Makes 8 x 80ml jelly snacks

Note: *I only used 1.5 tablespoons of gelatine so that the jelly would be easy to squeeze out of the pouches. For a firmer jelly, use two tablespoons.
*If you don’t have a juicer you could definitely use a nice cold pressed, organic juice from the supermarket. This will also give your jelly a less cloudy appearance and be every bit as delicious!

I’m sure there’s a million more flavour combos you could come up with. I’ll post more as I invent them and please share your ideas too!



6 thoughts on “Real Fruit Jelly for Kids

  1. Great snack Ren. My girls have never really been into jelly, only ever have it if we eat a pub meal and they have frog in a pond for dessert. Even then they really just want the chocolate (and the number of pub meals they’ve had is pretty minimal anyway).

    Yogurt making is on my list too, though I thought I’d try it without a yogurt maker (some you have to use the special powder sachets etc which I assume are also full of crap so check them out before you buy). I do need to buy a sugar thermometer though. I also thought you might be interested in this recipe for coconut yogurt.

    • Barbara, this yoghurt sounds delicious. I saw another recipe for coconut yoghurt recently but this sounds more simple. Will give it a go and fill the pouches! See if I can get the kids off the store bought stuff. Thank you 🙂

  2. I would love to try making home made jelly! I really want to make a concerted effort with the children’s lunches, less sugar (even though it’s all home baking), and more actual nutrition. Could you use orange juice for this (thinking about ease of juicing – no juicer)? Are there fruits that gelatine won’t set with?

    • Hi Jo, thanks for reading my blog and for your comments! I posted a new recipe for orange jelly today just for you 🙂 The only fruits I would avoid are pineapple and kiwi fruit which don’t set well. Sounds great that you are doing a lot of home baking so already you are keeping all those nasty additives out of your kids diets. Something I have found to be very useful in improving the nutritional quality of what our kids eat is by simply adding more and more good things in. Eventually this just seems to crowd the junk out!

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