Breakfast ‘Moothie


One thing we all love for breakfast is a good smoothie. Or, as little R puts it every morning as he runs to the fridge, “moothie! Moothie!”
So for any other mums with fussy pants eaters, this is a great way to get nutrition into them with minimal effort. I make the smoothies at night and store them in recycled jars. In the morning, I barely have to open my eyes, just simply shake and pour to fill the moaning mouths and hungry bellies. This recipe makes enough for two children and one adult to share for two mornings. (Unless you’re all super hungry!) Fill your jars to the brim and it will keep really well.

2 bananas
Handful of blueberries
Tablespoon of cacao (not cocoa!)
4 fresh medjool dates, chopped and pits removed
3 heaped spoonfuls of full fat Greek or natural yoghurt. (Edit: as vegans we use coconut yoghurt now)
Tablespoon chia seeds
Tablespoon LSA mix (linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds)
1 litre of almond milk (you can use any milk you like but personally I prefer almond milk. Just make sure your little ones are getting all the calcium they need.)

This smoothie really is delicious and they have no idea it’s good for them. I’ve found anything with chocolate in the title gets lapped up pretty eagerly. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Breakfast ‘Moothie

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