“Cold Begone” smoothie


Ren likes red… Indeed I do. As a stay at home mother of two wild and wonderful little boys, my days can involve any number of colours. Most of which I encourage. Others, not so much. Today it was pink. Pink highlighter scribbled all over the walls, pink strawberry yoghurt in my hair and down my top, pink carpet stains from chewed up juicy strawberries, my favourite primrose pink lipstick – missing from the bathroom after finding my toddler standing in the hand basin… And so on.

The colours I enjoy the most are the ones smeared around the mouths of my babes, on their sticky fingertips and in their growing bellies, especially when they’ve come fresh from my garden or kitchen.

Yesterday was purple…


Frozen blueberries

Fresh oranges peeled and cut

cucumber, chopped

spinach leaves

Chia seeds


Blend well and enjoy a delicious vitamin c boost 🙂

*for a more filling snack add the delicious healthy fats of half an avocado.
*if you like a little more zing, add one small peeled lemon.


2 thoughts on ““Cold Begone” smoothie

  1. I’m beginning to convert to your smoothy lifestyle Ren, it’s my go to breakfast now and I make enough for a couple of days so it’s ready and waiting for me when I drag myself out of bed at Miss Four’s early morning wake up call. I haven’t tried anything but fruit so far but I’m getting inspired. I’m not sure how my blender will cope but I’ll give it a try soon. I’m also hoping that if the girls see me drinking it they will eventually want to try it too – that’s my latest theory on introducing foods, teach by example and let the rest happen when it happens instead of fighting it all the time.

    I’ve also been thinking you should really try growing some blueberries if you haven’t got them already. They’re a pretty plant, a perennial so they stay in the ground/pot season after season – and the flowers are quite pretty. Mine is flowering at the moment and I’m planning on adding a couple more to my collection, making a sort of potted hedge of them out the front – that’s the plan anyway.

    • Oh awesome Barbara! The smoothies are my morning life saver and leading by example is how I got my kids into it too. Well, R hasn’t ever really known anything else but J was a bit younger when i started drinking them and at that age where they basically want whatever you’ve got. This recipe is great because the orange makes it sweet enough to taste like juice and its purple (less suspicious than green!) The spinach and cucumber by the way, are very inoffensive flavours, you’ll barely notice them. Just chop them really small if you’re not sure about your blender. The blender I bought is a breville (kinetic something?) for about $100 on sale and it was so worth it. Everything is completely smooth – not even a chia seed in sight! Yes, will definetly plant some blueberries. So looking forward to spring planting! Really must get some spuds in the ground soon too.

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